Study Spot

Project Overview

Finding a coffee/tea shop that meets everyone's needs seems like a near impossible task. I came up with the idea for this app because I often spend more time than I would like trying to find somewhere to study that meets my preferences.

My goal was to come up with an app that could save users a lot of time and energy when finding a place to study.

Role: UI/UX Designer

Project type: Individual personal project

User Interviews

I interviewed a few people that matched the user types and asked them questions based around how they search for places to visit, eat, and/or study.

My main learnings from the interviews: The main apps used to find places to visit are Yelp and Google

Top pain points

nice to have features

In this user flow map, I have outlined the steps a user would take when interacting with Study Spot. When a user first downloads the app, they will be guided through an onboarding process. They will then sign up or log in and enable their location preferences so the app can find the shops that are closest to them. Then, they will be prompted to select their study preferences which will then lead them to the search page.

For a returning user, they will start the app on the search page. If they wish to change their preferences they can do so from either the favorites section, or their profile section.


These are some of my initial sketches for the Study Spot app. I focused on the first time user onboarding process. I also detailed what information I wanted to include in the menu bar of the app.

I wanted to incorporate reviews from Yelp and Google to help the app determine categories for preferences.


High Fidelity Mockups

Once a user selects a shop, they will be taken to a screen with more information including what study preferences are provided. They will also be able to see the hours, up to date seat availability, the menu, more pictures of the shop, and other places nearby.

Prototype for Favorites Screen

The user can swipe through their favorite study spots in this Favorites screen. I included a quick overview of their matched preferences. I decided to also show friends who have also favorited the same spot, so the can plan a study session with a particular friend.


Relying on other people's reviews of coffee/tea shops to determine the categories of preferences can be inconsistent.

- How can we determine if that place is actually how a reviewer remembers it?
- What if three people each had a different way of describing the atmosphere?

To help solve this, I would include a feature that would look for at least two instances of the same keyword when scanning the Yelp & Google reviews to determine the category of the preference.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on this app, there are a few changes I would like to make. One thing I would like to change would be to greatly reduce the on-boarding steps, as that part can be difficult for first time users. Instead of a long sign up process before getting to the main part of the app, I would like to start out with the home page of the app, so the user knows what to expect up front. As they interact with the app and want to save a location, I would insert the sign up process during that part of the user journey. It would be more effective to have the user sign up after they have used the app for some time because they will are more invested.