On the Boards

Project Overview

I redesigned the information architecture of On the Boards, and focused on the Studio Suppers event page to help users learn more about performances and purchase tickets online.

Business goal: Increase online ticket sales.

My goal:
Improve the information architecture and content design to make it easier for users to learn about performances and buy tickets online.

Role: UX Content Strategist

Project type: Individual project for graduate course

User Persona - Subscribers

The subscribers are a group of people who have bought a package of tickets to performances held at On the Boards for the season.They love to spread the word about performances and events by inviting their friends and family, and they belong to many communities and groups.

User Interviews

I interviewed a few people who were similar to the user group and asked questions about their experience buying tickets to concerts/events/performances online. I also asked about the likeliness that they would share an event with their friends.

Main learnings

Journey to Buying Tickets Online

As I outlined the user journey to buying tickets online, I noted some problems and mapped out some opportunities.

Content Audit

I used Ahava Leibtag's content checklist to audit 56 pages of On the Boards. I audited each page by seeing if it met the requirements for each of these metrics: Findable, Readable, Understandable, Actionable, and Shareable. 

After completing the content audit, I discovered that many of the pages needed updating to be aligned with the checklist.

Below are the areas I will be focusing on, taken from Ahava's checklist:

Voice and Tone

To support the needs of the subscribers, the voice and tone on the site should be straightforward and friendly. They like to feel like they are part of the community so a friendly, welcoming tone will help them feel that when they are on the site. A straightforward voice helps users get straight to the information they need in order to achieve their goals of learning about performances and making reservations to special events online.

Old & Updated Site Map

By modifying the site map to emphasize special events, users will be able to easily view them and learn more about them. I simplified the menu by removing the subsections that weren't big enough to have their own separate section. The Box office section reduced to four subsections, which makes it easier for users to find and select the "Buy Tickets" link.

The Studio Suppers section is also much more visible in the updated site map, which will draw more users to the page.

Updated Copy - Studio Suppers Landing Page

Above the Fold - Before

Above the Fold - After

Make a Reservation - Before

Make a Reservation - After

Footer - Before

Footer - After


A challenge I faced with this project was choosing a section to focus the redesign on. I thought an easy way to increase online ticket sales would've been to redesign the 'Buy Ticket' page, but I wanted to challenge myself by focusing on the Studio Suppers page.

With the Studio Suppers event, people need to have already purchased a ticket to the show following the Supper. I soon discovered how difficult it would be to convince people to buy a ticket to a show based on this page alone. Looking back, I would've liked to redesign the "Buy Ticket" page. Once a user buys a ticket to a performance, they can then head to the Studio Suppers page and purchase a ticket to the event.

Final Thoughts

By implementing friendly and straightforward copy, and a new content design with clear CTA's, users will be able to learn more about performances and make reservations to Studio Suppers. With an improved information architecture, users will be more likely to buy tickets because they will be able to navigate through the site in a quicker way.